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CMC Technology Transfer Network offers a diverse range of topics and experience in compiling and presenting feasible and eligible projects which either receive funding through EU programs or qualify for alternative methods of funding. Furthermore, we implement the project management and documentation, in agreement with investors.

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for Innovators

If you have an idea, CMC Network assists you in creating an eligible project, registering it in our dashboard and boosting it's visibility to a large network of international investors. Start today by contacting us and joining our network.


for Investors

If you are an investor looking for investment opportunities in areas such as ICT, tourism and culture, energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, security, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure or in financing SMEs, CMC Network Investors Partnership Dashboard will offer you a broad choice of viable projects.


for CMC Network Members

All CMC Network Members can participate in the exchange of views and ideas for each of the projects contained in the dashboard of our list of projects.


"Market Ready" Projects

Projects are “market ready” when fed with the right start up and seed funds, either by equity or/and by European grants. CMC Network consults, mediates and connects for submission of your project to European Structural for Investment Funds (E.S.I.F) or to receive loan with a very low interest rate by the European Investment Bank (EIB).



CMC Network undertakes the coordination and cooperation of stakeholders so that the knowledge be combined with entrepreneurship and finance and produce new products, services and innovative ideas, ensuring high profitability, sustainability and best practices for the exploitation of any capital investment.




We welcome new partnerships and innovative ideas that would enrich existing projects or even lead to new ones, in our Project/Dashboard.


(Astrophysics Positioning System)

This Project has received the "Seal of Excellence" in the area of Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme (implemented through the SME instrument) for excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of implementation.


Accommodation on-board berthed yachts


(e -Medical Clinical Services) platform


(Robotic Yachting Storage Facility)

The Mar.Medi.C Project

(Marine Medical Center)

EcoTech Fuels

Waste to Fuel Plant

3D Pa.Spe.Co

(Pathology Specimens Collections)

Hellenic Emigrant Research Center