EU Funding

EU Funding

The European Union possesses five key funding opportunities to support research and innovation: (1) the Research Framework Program, (2) the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program, (3) the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund within the Cohesion policy, (4) the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and (5) the European Fisheries Fund within the rural development policy and the Common Fisheries Policy.

SME instrument and Horizon 2020 are the threshold to capitalize European funds for research and innovation business.



SME instrument

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

SME support is targeted with a dedicated SME instrument, which is a novel approach to support SMEs’ innovation activities. It attracts more SMEs to Horizon 2020, provides support to a wider range of innovation activities and helps to increase the economic impact of project results by its company-focused and market-driven approach.
The SME instrument addresses the financing needs of internationally oriented SMEs, in implementing high-risk and high-potential innovation ideas. It aims at supporting projects with a European dimension that lead to radical changes in how business (product, processes, services, marketing etc.) is done. It will launch the company into new markets, promote growth, and create high returns of investment.