Why you should become a CMC Network MEMBER

…capitalize knowledge & transfer know-how

Our ideas help you go ahead. We are building a network of partners to deliver ever more tailored services – anywhere and at any anytime. We invest in innovation; we bridge the gap and connect enterprises organizing international partnerships in order to produce new products and services.
Transfer of technology for us is any process with an aim to obtain, collect and share explicit knowledge as well as skills and qualifications, in economic and non-economic activities, such as cooperation in research, consultancy, licensing, spin-offs, publications and the mobility of researchers and other personnel involved in such activities.
In addition to the scientific and technological knowledge, technology transfer we embrace other types of knowledge, such as the use of standards and regulations that includes that which surrounds the actual operating conditions and methods of organizational innovation, as well as knowledge management which involves defining, obtaining, protecting, defending and exploiting intangibles assets.

For every need that arises we offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with international best practices, thus satisfying every business need. It is the services that differentiates us from others and gives us the motive to offer a membership to the CMC Network; accessing our tools, through our network, our experienced staff and our partners, finding the ideal solution to each challenge, achieving in this way very strong partnerships leading to increase of sales.
Initially, in order to avoid needless expenses, we explore in depth the feasibility and viability of each project which is entrusted to us, arriving at the most appropriate package – only if the feasibility shows us that the project has potential. We verify the proof of concept for a project, with the aim of supporting the decision-making process, revealing in an objective manner the: advantages and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and identifying the resources required for its implementation and the prospects for success.

Our agreements with academic institutions and our track record with them ensure the sincerity with which we treat our partnerships and the eventual outcome as is the case where we were awarded the Seal of Excellence by the EU for an astrophysics project. There is a huge amount of potential capacity and capability in Academia to turn knowledge in innovative product and services that goes unused. CMC Network uses teams of experts to make it easier to get things done.
Become a Member of CMC Network, because all members obtain something of value; entrepreneurs acquire the business tools and the solutions they want faster and inexpensively; suppliers and sub-contractors generate additional revenues.
We invite you to explore the benefits of membership with CMC Network by visiting our website and in the event that you require additional information, please contact us.