Our Network offers a diverse range of topics and experience in compiling and presenting feasible and eligible projects which either receive funding through EU programs or qualify for alternative methods of funding. We follow a proven path when preparing and delivering our projects: Define, Discover, Develop, Demonstrate We welcome new partnerships and innovative ideas that would enrich existing projects or even lead to new ones.
ASTRO.PO.S(Astrophysics Positioning System) An earth coordinate finder system based on -ray imaging of celestial discrete sources in the low energy domain
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FLOREFU - Aegean(Floating Recycling Factory & Fuel Production Unit)
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Investment Request Profile Project Description Horizon 2020 Call / Topic e-MCS(e-Medical / Clinical Services platform) Offering hospital clinicians, as well as to private practitioners and researchers, the opportunity to find and purchase on-line, at competitive pricing, accurate diagnostic services and advice through an international interdisciplinary operation with outstanding collaborations RoYaStoF(Robotic Yachting Storage Facility) A multi level storage facility, operated by a robotic system for optimum usage of space and speed of service, servicing the average length / width and type of boats operating in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions Investment Request Profile Security Analytics web platformA uniform management platform-calculating risk-prevention and threat management. Through its interface all modern digital media installations will be monitored by using smart algorithms analyzed and evaluating the risks. The algorithms will have the ability to evolve (by self-teaching) resulting in even faster assessment  addressing of the threat Investment Request Profile Project Description Project Description Project Description Project Description Project Description Project Description StandLiqTecStandardization of liquid biopsy analysis using advanced technologies for in vitro diagnostics in the era of personalized medicine for cancer patients 3D Pa.Spe.Co(3D Pathology Specimens Collections) Documentation, Renovation and Digitization of the Pathology Specimens Collections for educational and exhibition purposes, creation of a European Virtual Museum Hellenic Emigrant Research Center A center for holistic research of Hellenic Emigration History, housing a physical display of the research results and a permanent exhibition including historic items and displays ECO TECH FUELSConverting Trash, Industrial & Bio-Wastes Into Clean Energy & High Cetane Diesel The Mar.Medi.C Project(Marine Medical Center) a Floating Point of Care / Hospital unit